I can’t sum it up any better than the author already has:

I wrote a little tool for OS X to alleviate a constant pain point for me, the lack of click through on multi-monitor setups. You know how when you have an application in the background on OS X, you have to click the application once (to give focus), then click again to do something? This annoys me to no end on my multi-monitor setup, because I can see the thing I want to click on, but I have to click it twice to make it register.

XClickThrough solves this problem by capturing your click, figuring out what you were clicking on, setting that application front most, then clicking on the target element for you.

Just a couple of points to note:

  1. depending on your security settings, if the application doesn’t load up because it comes from an untrusted source, simply bring up the context menu (right click or two-finger click) and hold down Option as you click the menu option: Open, and
  2. as mentioned on the author’s page, on Mavericks, you’ll have to enable the app in Accessibility Security & Privacy Settings.



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  1. This is THE SINGLE MOST USEFUL and absolutely MANDATORY tool that has EVER existed for OS X! Unfortunately, it seems to have a bug that makes it stop working randomly — I have to kill and relaunch it when that happens.

    Otherwise, this fixes one of the most annoying usability issues on Macs.

    Does anyone know if the new Split View in El Capitan finally fixes this “on its own”? (does Split View have Clickthrough for both windows? Anything else wouldn’t make any sense)

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