Moving posts between blogs

I have a multisite setup running here but I largely use one blog for just about everything, ranging from (things like this) WordPress, to applications and shortcuts, through to personal posts about travel, and my family and children.

In the multisite setup I have several blogs. Mostly the are concepts or ideas that never really took off (like dav3 on wordpress).

It has now got to the stage where I want to merge a few of these together, and maybe separate out some others (more about the merging all the blogs into just two or three—probably two).

I’ve been thinking in my head how I would achieve this and finally today I did a google search on it. The very first post came up with what sounds to be a solution and breaks it into three parts, and I’m going to add a fourth.

  1. On blog 1. Export the posts.
  2. On blog 2. Import the posts.
  3. On blog 1. Create permanent redirects for the pages you now have on blog 2.
  4. On blog 1. Delete the posts you no longer want there.

You probably didn’t even know you could do this. I know I didn’t. I know that I’d seen the Tools before, but I’d never really given it consideration. Until I read Andreas Rennick’s post over on

I did add step 3 just on the supposition that someone finds your post to the old blog somewhere but can no longer find it because you have deleted it. Setting up a quick redirect to handle such a scenario will 1) get them to the post/place they need, 2) allow them to find more relevant stuff in your new blog, and 3) help to update the search engine that got them there in the first place.

Thanks Andrea for making the simple so obvious.

I’ll post again, or update this post when I do it myself with how (easily?) it went :)


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