Day 10

This was a good day considering it was a work day!

Before work I jumped on the treadmill for 2km. Not hugely fast, but without a fan in front of me I started sweating really quick. I mean it was dripping off me.

Nothing to report, work-wise. I ate my usual non-carb lunch but after work a mate and I went for a short power walk*. the total distance of the walk was about 2.5km. We were both happy to go for a longer walk, but he was still on the clock and so he couldn’t afford too much more time away from work. The walk wasn’t too demanding, although my shins did hurt (as usual).

(*note: You may, or may not have realised, I am a little bit of a short-stuff guy. Short legs, big belly. The downside is, my power walk is equivalent to most people’s strolling. Well, not that bad. but it’s not great! As a result, I try and step out more, and even when I don’t i still get shin splints. I was in the Australian Army for a while when I was younger, and every PT session I would always get them. no amount of training or stretching would help)

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