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I recently thought I would try a new webhost. I’ve been with my current one for a number of years, and the relationship, whilst not perfect, has stood the test of time.

I have opened up a web hosting account, mainly because the second ever domain (and every other–bar one–domain purchase has been through them). As a Domain Name Service, I haven’t had much to gripe about. In fact, the only thing I would like to see is a way to have a permanent number of domains show in the backend for administration. The default is 20 and I have more than that many domains, so to see all my domains I must reload the page with a higher number of domains to show… Nit picky, but it all takes times…

I have digressed…

I recently installed a wordpress installation on a mydomainwebhost. Whilst it was reasonably painless (it wasn’t without pain), it worked. I needed a call to customer support for a PHP4/5 support query, but otherwise, the install went ok. Until it came time to put in the MySQL server name.

Have you ever tried searching google for things involving “mydomain”? You get 1000’s, 100,000’s search results where people are asking questions about their domain and when they quote it, what do they use as an example domain name? “”. Which essentially makes it impossibly hard to find suitable and proper answers to your problem.

What did I find? doesn’t use the default “localhost” name for their mysql database server. It uses a lesser known (and hard to find) name of: ““. That is the name I found elsehwere on the net, and it worked for me. It SHOULD work for you.

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  1. No, it won’t work for everyone. I have one of those accounts, and about a dozen mysql databases. They are sprayed at random over about six of those “” machines. As you create each database, you get a screen telling you where it is. You have to copy & paste that into your config file for WordPress or whatever.

    1. That’s something I’ll look out for next time I create a new database. Great info, thanks!

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