The price of fuel

These aren’t the best photo’s, so I’ll commentate. These are photos of two service stations in Woy Woy. This afternoon while refueling, the decision as to which one to use was pretty much determined for me. It was at the Shell service station that had cars lined up at the bowser.

Their price: $1.137, with a further 4c discount if you had a voucher.

Across the road is the BP service station, with not a single car in the driveway.

Their price: $1.199, no discounts available.

If I had a discount voucher (unfortunately I didn’t), the price would have been more than 10 cents cheaper!!!! This is right across the road from each other!

How do people like these stay in business?

I always go too hard, when will I learn?

[iframe,151.321392&spn=0.064422,0.051498&z=13&output=embed 300 450]

I have been in serious training for over a week now and I’m hurting. It all started last Friday, week ago. Realising I needed a serious kick up the backside, I got myself down to the Muay Thai gym I started taking classes in a few months ago.

Friday: Kick Boxing (??????) – mainly for the cardio, but a bit of self defence can’t hurt!
Weekend: short push bike rides and gardening (that’s seriously hard work! especially on the knees!)
Monday: Kick Boxing
Tuesday Kick Boxing
Wednesday Kick Boxing
Thursday: Kick Boxing (very physical day)
Friday: Kick Boxing
Saturday (today): Well, I COULD have gone kick boxing, but I have a date with a friend of mind to tackle a huge mother of a mountain on Tuesday. So I went for a 16km walk which involved tackling this beast. It’s hard! Look for the turn around point on the red route on the above map!

I must admit, I feel somewhat better lately after all the exercise, but it comes at a cost. My WHOLE body aches. I am sore from head to toe. This has to be a good thing. I haven’t really lost too much weight yet, around 4kg, but the problem is that is mostly fluids. I need to lose the fat. I need to lower my blood pressure and ideally, lower my at rest pulse rate…

Let’s see how I go :-)

PS: I’m doing the Katoomba great stairs in the coming weeks… Get in touch if you want to join in!

Buying my first house

I am currently buying my first home and thought I would share something that is important to me!

The house/home I am purchasing is in the adjacent picture. The large building in the center of the picture is the internode enabled ADSL2+ exchange. I should get a real nice connection speed here!

The whole process (so far) has been reasonably painless (except for the initial motivation!)

About 3 weeks ago I get a phone call while I was intra-state from my landlord “You have 60 days to get out!”. Now, I don’t know about where you are form, but currently in Sydney, Australia, there is a critical rental shortage. Rents have been going up at HUMUNGOUS rates. Mine included. I was not interested in playing the “Let’s find a place to rent” game anymore. I mean, what’s the point? You line up at inspection with 30 other hopeful expectant/wood-be renters and have to prove to the real estate and the landlord why I am better than everyone else; which often turns into a bidding war! all this coupled with the fact that 60 days finishes on Boxing Day!! I have to move out and there’s not even a real estate open for several weeks either side of the date in question.

So after looking on for about 10 minutes I decided that maybe NOW was the time to buy

I humoured myself and went to my credit union and they said they would give me money. Knowing I could do better I saw a broker. On my first day of looking I saw 5 places (the last one was a last minute fluke) which is the one I am looking to buy now. I did spend the next few days looking, but in my minds eye, #5 was the one I was returning to. My initial viewing was on a Saturday (12 days ago). I rang the real estate the following Wednesday and made an offer. The vendor made a counter offer and a compromise was reached between mine and theirs (ie, their counter offer). Special condition: Short settlement… Suits me!

I rang my broker and she said I was good to go. Contacted real estate once more and offer confirmed. Now I am sitting here just waiting for the loan approval (which I am expecting today or tomorrow), and the whole decision making process from deciding to buy, to contracts exchanged is going to be less than 2 weeks!

more to follow…