Trek 4300 Disc

In my efforts to lower blood pressure and get fit, I’m deciding to increase my heart rate with one of these little beauties. It’s next years model and the colour scheme (black with dark gray) is simply spot on. I paid shelf price on the bike and probably a little more than I actually wanted to pay and I probably could have done better on ebay, or gone for a lesser model. But it’s next years model, has a 5 year warranty on parts and lifetime on the frame… You can’t put a price on good health… right?

That said this is the baby I pick up today at 1 o’clock. It’s Sydney, the day is abso-bloody-lutely gorgeous, I live in the city, the sun is shining and it’s approaching 30 degrees. Almost time to go pick it up and probably scour the beaches. I’ll know more this afternoon once I actually get on the thing

2009 trek 4300 disc

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Shameless plug for Clarence Street Cyclery

LCD, or two?

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I only went for a short walk to Moore Park (2.2km) today because I wanted to see what was out there in LCD land. So I paid a visit to Bing Lee, Dick Smith PowerHouse and Harvey Norman… I think I have found the one I will buy, it’s the Samsung “SyncMaster 245B”, features a resolution of 1920×1200 and a 5ms refresh. It only has DVI and VGA inputs (why is it so hard to find dual DVI inputs?). So, I have contacted my bank and I am upping the limit on my credit card – Australians LOVE credit…

Well, I do :-)

All 24″ varieties were very expensive at these stores, the cheapest of which was around $750. The Samsung though was $999. A little out of my price range. Although a quick search on StaticIce (link) found many places selling these little BIG beauties from as low as $530…

One place would even sell them from little more than $500 if purchased with a new system. I don’t need a new system… Or do I??

That’s almost 2 for the price of 1! Maybe I should buy 2 :-)