Reset Error Code 6502 – Cannon MP620

Canon MP620I recently installed a continuous inking system into my Canon MP620 Multi-Purpose printer. It went relatively painlessly, except when restarting. The ink tubes got caught under the housing and jammed the print head against the right hand side of the printer, causing a 6502 Error Code.

I fixed the jam, and restarted the printer, everything seemed to be normal. The printer went through a startup routine, cleaning heads and what-not, but when it finished the error persisted.

I restarted the machine, and still, the error remained. After a bit of googling, I found the solution:

How to RESET the Error code “6502”

1 – Unplug your printer, pausing for effect.

2 – Plug the printer back in and then:
2a – Press AND HOLD the Power button
2b – Press the Stop button twice
2c – Release the Power button
2d – Press the Stop button a further four times (see notes)

– someone reported you may hear beeping, I did not
– I think the four button press of the stop AFTER releasing the Power button may not be required since once the powerbutton was released, the system immediately went into a startup routine, it didn’t appear to wait for the stop buttons. But who knows, it was there, I did it, and it worked