Day 64

The Giant Staircase [iframe,150.308847&spn=0.032124,0.025749&z=14&output=embed 300 450] This was a pretty good day. I actually started off with a train trip to Bondi to have some breakfast, then back home to get changed and then met 2 friends at Central railway Station. We caught the 9.55am train to Katoomba and another mate jumped on at […]

Day 63

[iframe,151.201873&spn=0.01425,0.012016&z=15&output=embed 280 400] Only a short walk today, warming up for tomorrow and getting some computer parts to build a new PC. I walked all the way to the shop (

Day 54

[iframe,151.238136&spn=0.049866,0.094242&z=13&output=embed 450 350] I was to have lunch/coffee with a friend today, but unfortunately they had had a rather big night the night before and I only found out once I had started my route out today (hence the awkward shape of the altered route mid-stream), which assisted in making this walk totaling almost […]

Day 52

WHAT A DAY! [iframe,151.212387&spn=0.049884,0.05579&z=13&output=embed 325 350] Had Subway for lunch with two mates, and decided to go for a short walk to the Chinese Gardens at Tumbalong Park. After devouring a full foot-long sub I decided a longer walk was necessary. As you can see by the map, it was no short walk. All […]

Day 50

[iframe,151.186638&spn=0.056986,0.072956&z=13&output=embed 425 400] I had a big day planned, but it turned into a small one, due to the alcohol I had drunk last night :( I must be a masochist at heart because as punishment for my alcoholic indiscretions last night, while most certainly not in the mood for a walk, I had […]

Day 44

[iframe,151.211615&spn=0.024936,0.027895&z=14&output=embed 325 350] My feet are much better today after last night having thrown them into a vibrating foot massager with hot water… I topped the water up (to make it hot again) twice and by the end my feet were like jelly :) Today I went off with a vengeance again. First, off […]

Day 43

[iframe,151.205435&spn=0.03563,0.027895&z=14&output=embed 325 500] After this mornings weigh-in, I was pretty happy especially after so much hydration last night… It was a good feeling. So when I knew I had a few things in town today to take care of, it was without much-a-do that I set off on another walking expedition. I hate a […]

Day 42

Can you get arrested for abuse of your feet? [iframe,151.211014&spn=0.085532,0.051498&z=13&output=embed 300 600] Well, it does take a lot to get me motivated, but when I do… There’s not much stopping me. After a pretty bad weekend (alcohol Friday night, a bowl of wedges and a recovery hamburger and chips on Saturday) I really had […]

Day 31

View Larger MapRepost of old map. The three markers indicate where I made it to on each of these walks so far attempted. The further left the mark, the further I got (after having made it around the park itself) Today has started off with a bang. I did my usual (like third time) Centennial […]

Day 16

Mum rang me on the weekend. She lives in a country town about 6-7 hours from Sydney (it all depends how you drive). She is coming to visit. Needs to get to the big smoke for some sanity. So we are going to catch a movie and go for a walk (she recently found out […]