40kg in 921 days

IMG_5999More about this year specifically in another post down the track. That probably won’t be too far away, certainly sooner than my last post about weight loss anyway!

I’ve been keeping a low blogging profile about my weight loss over the last few years, since I really haven’t been doing too great. But this year I really have been able to turn it around.

I was at my maximum about two and a half years ago. March 2013. I came in at a staggering 124kg! Jason was less than a year old and I made a decision to lose some weight so I could do more with him etc etc. I stuck at it for a while and eventually got down to a low of just over 101kg. I couldn’t break under the 100kg and so I gave up.

2013 was actually my second attempt at losing weight the first attempt is the one recorded here on this website, albeit not too well.

Then this year I decided to give it another go and I’ve done much better.

The stats speak for themselves, they’re up there at the top of the post:
2013-03-05 124kg
2015-09-13 84kg
That’s down 40kg in 2.5 years (@0.3kg/week but that’s not accurate)

I’ve done much better this year, but as I mentioned, I’ll post more specific details about that down the track. I have a couple more milestones I’d like to hit before making things more blog-public.


Ingress Glyphs and Imperfect

“Imperfect” isn’t drawn as it seems. Ever got stuck trying to draw the Imperfect glyph hack in Ingress? I must have got it wrong about half a dozen times before I realised it wasn’t me.

So, how is it done?

I start on the bottom left and then I loop AROUND the middle point to the top right. Then I progress back THROUGH the middle point to the start point, then I finish off the last triangle by going up to the top left and then back in towards the middle.

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Ingress Level Up Requirements


Levels and needed AP/Medals:

  • L1 Agent = 0 AP
  • L2 Agent = 2,500 AP
  • L3 Agent = 20,000 AP
  • L4 Agent = 70,000 AP
  • L5 Agent = 150,000 AP
  • L6 Agent = 300,000 AP
  • L7 Agent = 600,000 AP
  • L8 Agent = 1,200,000 AP
  • L9 Agent =  2,400,000 AP + 1 gold 4 silver
  • L10 Agent = 4,000,000 AP + 2 gold 5 silver
  • L11 Agent = 6,000,000 AP + 4 gold 6 silver
  • L12 Agent = 8,400,000 AP + 6 gold 7 silver
  • L13 Agent = 12,000,000 AP + 1 Platinum 7 Gold
  • L14 Agent = 17,000,000 AP + 2 Platinum 7 Gold
  • L15 Agent = 24,000,000 AP + 3 Platinum 7 Gold
  • L16 Agent = 40,000,000 AP + 2 Black 4 Platinum 7 Gold