Chrome 45 attacks WordPress admin menu

wordpress-chrome-broken-mergedChrome has taken a turn towards the dark side and has attacked the WordPress admin menu. Luckily there’s a simple workaround and a bug report has been filed which will hopefully lead to a fix soon!

The bug is specifically Chrome related (you can read more here) and they are currently working on a fix that should see it’s way into version 46 stable.

There are several fixes for this bug, rated in (my) order of best solutions:

  1. visit: chrome://flags/#disable-slimming-paint (<< unclickable, you’ll have to enter it yourself :) ) in your browser and select ENABLE (from comment #42). The quickest and easiest solution.
    Screenshot 2015-09-10 08.09.28
  2. Add the following action to the WordPress’ functions.php file (from comment #37):
    function admin_menu_fix() {
      echo '<style>
        #adminmenu { transform: translateZ(0); }
    add_action('admin_head', 'admin_menu_fix');
  3. Collapse and re-Expand the Admin menu is a temporary fix, as is refreshing the screen, but that’s a PITA.
  4. There is also a chrome extension that also deals with this issue: more can be found out here
  5. There is also WordPress plugin, and it will ALSO do the trick. I don’t mean to detract from the developer, but I am very anti installing unnecessary plugins if you really don’t need to. But the fact I haven’t provided you a link only means you’ll spend longer looking for it than you would have spent if you just go and change the option in Chrome settings.
  6. Wait for a fix, which SHOULD be in appearing in an update near you soon :)

#3, and #6 really aren’t options. #4 and #5 are workarounds that will only help users who experience the problem with WordPress and no other sites that are also affected (although this does appear to be somewhat limited), leaving #2 (which is also only a WordPress fix) and is way too much overkill.

And the winner is?

The best solution is #1 and this will take you all of about 5 seconds. It is the BEST solution because this fixes other areas the bug affects (which for me) is my gMail menu where things haven’t been right for a while but a refresh fixed it. In fact, refreshing the page in WordPress also fixes it, as does collapsing and expanding the admin menu.

Anyway, you AND I have spent far too long on this post! So go ahead, open the above in your browser and fix the menu :)


Gmail Shortcut Keys

I’ve never used them, and saw an article today about them.. So I thought I’d give them a go. I looked them up, there’s a ton of them!!! Massive amounts of keyboard shortcuts to do almost everything in gmail…

Let’s try it… G then S

nope, didn’t work…

Tried playing around a bit, different interfaces, checked settings and found they were disabled. I enabled them, went back to the inbox, pressed G then A (to go to ALL MAIL folder…)

Nothing happened…

Tried J and K which is supposed to move the cursor up and down… Still didn’t happen… Couldn’t figure it out…. I’m in Chrome, I’m on a mac running OS X. Should work… (one would think)…

I opened my mail in firefox and it all works like a charm.

I’ve been playing with them for a short time, not bad… Handy.

What is strange however, gmail shortcut keys don’t work in their own google browser (Chrome), maybe this is OS X specific, I don’t know, but it’s a bit of a bummer!

Here’s a link to google help with a list of existing shortcut keys: