It’s 5 o’clock in the morning…

and wtf am I doing up at this hour? To be honest… NOTHING!!!

But I now I face the quandary: Do I go to bed (and sleep most of the day away), or do I wait a little longer and go for a walk? I had planned to get up early this morning and go to the gym, but I don’t think I can hang around that long… although it is 5am and the gym does open at 6.30…

I have done nothing all night. Actually, I have done a little (synonym for a LOT) of surfing. For nothing in general, and everything on the side. I have been really good lately, I have found that with my regular exercise I am generally going to bed at a reasonable time. I am trying to make it a rule that I go to bed before the next day (ie, before midnight). And generally I do.

Right now I am toying with the idea of going for one of my Centennial Park walks and finishing off at the gym on the way home for a 10 minute row!

I don’t believe I am about to do this… But I have just got changed into some walking gear and got my gym/work pass ready… (my mother will be proud!)

Sun Poisoning

A word to the wise (because you are all wiser than I). When you go for a walk, when you go outside:

Wear a hat,
and slip, slop, slap!

The other day when I went for a walk to Bondi Beach, admittedly I had only planned to be in the sun for a little more than an hour. And if things had of gone to plan, that might have been ok. But in the end I spent many hours in the sun… Too many hours. Too many hours without a hat, too many hours without a long sleeved shirt, and too many hours without some sunscreen.

You guessed it, it was a Sydney bright, hot, cloudless, sunny summer day. I got burnt to a cinder! I wore a singlet, and my shoulders got burnt beyond belief. The pain over the last week has been intense. Not being able to sleep on either side (as I normally do) has made sleep restless. Laying still on my back is uncomforting at best, but just the slightest roll in any direction made me soon realise how bad my shoulders were. Luckily the backs of the shoulders were bearable otherwise I would have been in real trouble.

Naturally enough the shoulders blistered up. They were tiny blisters and hundreds of them. The other night I was walking out the balcony door while on the phone and was not concentrating… I fell to one side and scrapped my left shoulder on the door. Imagine a hard metal object running along the side of a thousand blisters.

Some of them popped, but most of them formed about 7-8 larger ones. Very large blisters that now were putting pressure on my skin. Over the next few days most of these popped and now I am back to a few low lying blisters that seem to be ok. My skin is almost back to a touchable stage.

I have been pumping Aloe Vera and a local anesthetic onto my shoulders, which has seemed to help. But I have learned my lesson, next time:


Day 22

View Bondi Beach Bash in a larger map

Today was going to be a walk to, around and back from Centennial Park. Then probably something like a walk into the city, catch a ferry to manly and have lunch. Half way around Centennial park, I decided that Bondi was a better choice for today.

So I kept walking… and walking…

It just so happened that I ran into one of my brothers. I don’t see him very often and I recognised one of his company trucks in the area. I gave him a call, and sure enough it was him. We met up and had lunch on the beach. A beautiful day and lots of nice things to look at.

At the end I decided to walk back (punishment actually). I was having a good lunch, and he was having a bad one. I had grilled fish and he was having chips with chicken salt. I pinched a very small handful. So my punishment was to walk home again (I had intended to catch a bus!)

All told (as per the map), the walk was 19km. The route to and from took 1h40 and 1hr45 respectively. I spent about 2 hours there.

100 kg’s

Wow! Friday (gone) marks the (almost) breaking of a milestone. I hit the scales for 100kg NEAT! Which means that in the next couple of days I’m going to OFFICIALLY be UNDER 100kg’s!!!

For me, that is VERY exciting!

It’s been MANY months since I was in double figures, probably closer to a year, but I can’t be sure. I know I’m losing the weight a little quick at the moment, but here’s to a whole new lifestyle. As I’ve said before, although I am on a diet, I plan to make my eating habits based around what I am doing now. I have really started to enjoy my salad and so I feel that this time everything is on track.

I have tried diets before, but this is the only time I have really been motivated enough to do some real work (ie, exercise included). I have found that I (eventually) enjoy getting outside. It’s just a struggle to get out there :^)

I have been lacking a bit lately on the workout side (and I know it’s a bad excuse, but I do blame work). Hopefully it will be evident next week when I spend most days really getting into it.

Talk is cheap… Result scream at you… Stay tuned!

Day 16

Mum rang me on the weekend. She lives in a country town about 6-7 hours from Sydney (it all depends how you drive).

She is coming to visit. Needs to get to the big smoke for some sanity.

So we are going to catch a movie and go for a walk (she recently found out about my fitness kick – and also found out that I’ve done Centennial Park a few times). So I walked to Broadway (via the other side of Central since I wanted to get my haircut first). We then caught “the movie” and then (unfortunately) drove over to Centennial Park and did a power walking lap there-of.

[iframe,151.21685&spn=0.028498,0.05579&z=14&output=embed 580 400]

After the walk we made our way back to my place and then caught a meal at the Woolpack Hotel (Redfern). The chef mucked up my meal and gave me battered fish instead of grilled, but I ate it anyway. Although I am finding I am starting to NOT enjoy some of the bad things so much anymore. To be honest, it wasn’t ‘his bad’, I wasn’t clear in my ordering. I just expected him to know what I wanted since he serves me every other day and he knows about my diet. So, two pieces of fish, and a heap (and I mean a HEAP) of salad.

Can someone die from eating too much salad?

Total distance today: a little more than 6km

NEVER trust your mother!

Today saw me spend some quality time with my mother down from the bush. Now I really enjoy spending time with her when she comes to Sydney, but sometimes she does push the boundary a bit… Like today…

Today was one of those days.

We often like to do things, catch a movie, go to the art gallery or a museum. We’ve done quite a few things together, and we usually like the same sort of movies… (well, to a degree anyway)


She is BANNED from picking another movie for 3 (yes that’s THREE) years!

When she initially said she wanted to see “Enchanted” or “Enchantment” or some other such silly sounding name, I got her to describe it. I read the review online and recognised it to be a “kiddie” movie. But was reassured (by her) that it’s for adults too! Right!

It started off with (what felt like) a 3 hour BAD cartoon… Poor story line, bad characters, general run-of-the-mill 5 year old stuff. She tells me, “But it will be a movie soon, it just starts as a cartoon…”EVENTUALLY! But she didn’t mention the fact that it would flash back to the cartoon or END with the cartoon as well!

And the Acting (if you could call it that!) was atrocious.

The point at which I REALLY knew I was in the wrong place, was towards the end when (in the style of sleeping beauty and other crappy fairy tales) I was watching the hap hazard Prince Charming give the princess-to-be a “True Love First Kiss” to wake her up…

But she didn’t. An evil twist would have been to have him keel over and die, but that’s just me. And it was the “REALITY” world lead actor who was the one who needed to kiss her. Anyway, as I was saying, the point at which I just wanted to lunge at the screen and start attacking it a knife was when her “True Love” leans over to kiss her… He stalls… His girlfriend looks up at him… sad… puppy dog eyes… and she tells him to kiss her…

And then so do all the kids in the cinema! 5 and 6 year olds screaming at the screen: “KISS HER!! KISS HER!!!”

I wanted to die. But realising I have much to live for, I wanted to kill my mother.

The only good thing about the whole experience was the fact that (being for kids) it was short!!! YAY!!!

Changing Lifestyles

Diets don’t work. Everyone knows that. If you’re going to go on a diet, you’re going to put the weight back on.

What you need to do is change your lifestyle. Change your eating habits. Change your exercise regime (or at least start one).

I am now in the process of doing just that. I do admit that initially, right now, I am on a diet. But I know this is just a quick fix. A quick solution to an age old problem. I want to lose some weight quickly. I have done some things hard (for example, I have put myself “on the dry” this month). Other things are just about self control and discipline. Unfortunately discipline is something I have very little of, or so I thought…

I have started my diet and the plan is to migrate onto a better eating plan. I have gone cold turkey on some of the most beautiful food groups in the world, namely: Carbohydrates. This is the diet part I am talking about. I am not talking about giving up on carbs altogether. But just for a while. 2 weeks, to a month. I’m at the 2 week period now and I had my first bowl of pasta today. Probably larger than it should have been, but I will not be having anymore for a few more days/weeks yet.

The point of this particular blog though, was to let you know that it hasn’t been that hard. I have a lot of motivation to keep strong and this motivation is keping me on track. The best part is, the motivation itself makes the cravings less severe. I would not mind having a drink or two (I love wild turkey), but know it would be the beginning of the end again. Then I would probably fall into my old ways quickly and probably order a pizza at the end of the night.

So what is my motivation?

  1. Check around this site, you’ll find some pictures, and they are NOT very pretty
  2. health issues
  3. cost
  4. and this motto:

Nothing tastes as good, as being thin feels

Day 13

I did the Centenial Park walk again today. Although I did overdo it a bit this time. I tried jogging way too far and although I impressed myself initially, I soon tired to a state that left me extremely exhausted. But I wasn’t just knackered (so-to-speak) I felt like I was dying.

While I have taken to this pretty full-on, my diet is not really improving. I have cut out all the junk food that I eat and having pretty much one meal a day, supplemented with 3-5 protein shakes. While this is helping (to an extent) it is also hurting in that I do not feel my body is getting enough energy to do that sort of walk/run.

Maybe, maybe not. I’m not 100% sure yet. But I am learning as I go.

Day 12

[iframe,151.223202&spn=0.021373,0.042915&z=14&output=embed 420 300]

Ahhh Day 12… This is my first Centennial Park walk.

The day itself was hugely uneventful, and hot. So I held off going for a walk for a long time. It was late afternoon before I finally got out there. It was about 6.30pm by the time I finally got out the door.

It was a very enjoyable walk. So good, it almost made me think that I wanted to go for a walk! I’ve actually never been to Centennial Park and so this was killing two birds with one stone. I dawdled for much of the walk once I was in there just looking around the place, but I still managed to raise a sweat and got a few short bursts of jogging in there.

I even managed a couple of sets of push-ups and sit-ups along the way (2x 10 of each)

Day 11

[iframe,151.208804&spn=0.005344,0.008583&z=16&output=embed 400 300]

Another work day. I went out for lunch today, and I went for a walk to my local shopping centre. It’s around a 10-15 minute walk and I thought I’d drop in and get some salad stuff for lunch. Well, it turned into a huge shopping experience…

This always happens to me. I walk there thinking I need the one or two essentials and end up walking to the checkout with bags and bags of crap. Well, it happened again. By the time I got home I was well and truly hurting. A large part of the walk is uphill, and carrying 6 or so shopping bags can be quite cumbersome. I should utilise the home delivery option, but I think to myself that “it’s only a couple of bags… You can do it.”

By the time I get 100 metres up the road I am already cursing.

I got home and made myself an omelet. You simply can’t go wrong with one of those.

All up the walk was about 2km, or slightly less and the pedometer reached 4500 paces. Otherwise, an uneventful day.