40kg in 921 days

IMG_5999More about this year specifically in another post down the track. That probably won’t be too far away, certainly sooner than my last post about weight loss anyway!

I’ve been keeping a low blogging profile about my weight loss over the last few years, since I really haven’t been doing too great. But this year I really have been able to turn it around.

I was at my maximum about two and a half years ago. March 2013. I came in at a staggering 124kg! Jason was less than a year old and I made a decision to lose some weight so I could do more with him etc etc. I stuck at it for a while and eventually got down to a low of just over 101kg. I couldn’t break under the 100kg and so I gave up.

2013 was actually my second attempt at losing weight the first attempt is the one recorded here on this website, albeit not too well.

Then this year I decided to give it another go and I’ve done much better.

The stats speak for themselves, they’re up there at the top of the post:
2013-03-05 124kg
2015-09-13 84kg
That’s down 40kg in 2.5 years (@0.3kg/week but that’s not accurate)

I’ve done much better this year, but as I mentioned, I’ll post more specific details about that down the track. I have a couple more milestones I’d like to hit before making things more blog-public.


I always go too hard, when will I learn?

[iframe http://maps.google.com.au/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=104468899777464833948.000473e712e0d4653c8eb&ll=-33.49116,151.321392&spn=0.064422,0.051498&z=13&output=embed 300 450]

I have been in serious training for over a week now and I’m hurting. It all started last Friday, week ago. Realising I needed a serious kick up the backside, I got myself down to the Muay Thai gym I started taking classes in a few months ago.

Friday: Kick Boxing (??????) – mainly for the cardio, but a bit of self defence can’t hurt!
Weekend: short push bike rides and gardening (that’s seriously hard work! especially on the knees!)
Monday: Kick Boxing
Tuesday Kick Boxing
Wednesday Kick Boxing
Thursday: Kick Boxing (very physical day)
Friday: Kick Boxing
Saturday (today): Well, I COULD have gone kick boxing, but I have a date with a friend of mind to tackle a huge mother of a mountain on Tuesday. So I went for a 16km walk which involved tackling this beast. It’s hard! Look for the turn around point on the red route on the above map!

I must admit, I feel somewhat better lately after all the exercise, but it comes at a cost. My WHOLE body aches. I am sore from head to toe. This has to be a good thing. I haven’t really lost too much weight yet, around 4kg, but the problem is that is mostly fluids. I need to lose the fat. I need to lower my blood pressure and ideally, lower my at rest pulse rate…

Let’s see how I go :-)

PS: I’m doing the Katoomba great stairs in the coming weeks… Get in touch if you want to join in!

21 days of fitness

Muay Thai Boxing

And so it begins, my 2nd attempt at losing weight. In January 2008 I began a weightloss regime which took me from 105kg to 93kg. But through a lack of discipline I have put most of it back on and I’m back up to a smidgen under 103kg. At least I never got back to what I was, but we won’t argue about 2kg!) I’ve decided it’s time, once again, to do something about this. For a multitude of reasons, my blood pressure is through the roof, I’m unfit, I do not eat all that healthy and I’m fat.

A friend of a friend recently tried a “21 day plan” to break bad habits (or if you prefer, 21 day plan to introduce new “good” habits). So this is the same. I am trying to introduce a 21 day plan to bring fitness into my daily life.

Today was Day 1, and I am hurting. As how I usually tackle most things, I have not done this by halves, and went into a full-on Muay Thai (beginners) training session. I am physically in pain. Writing this, my elbows are glued to the desk and my fingers are doing all the work. My shoulders feel like someone has a blow torch on them. Hopefully the radox bath I have running will help.

I have already met some inspirational people. One gent, started 6 months ago at 126kg, and he is now 86! That’s 40kg! and he’s now ready to go competition!

I have been told it will get easier. It won’t get easy, but it will get easier.

My goal for this is to participate in this for 21 days (which works out to be about 24 days as they aren’t open Sundays and I need some rest), with an ultimate goal of losing 10kg by the end of the month. I also hope to reduce my blood pressure and increase my general level fitness. All this in time for August, my month in Thailand.

Fingers crossed.

Another ride around the park – 25km

[iframe http://maps.google.com.au/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&s=AARTsJq-CuRijKUrGnN5fBGJHDiQcm6ymQ&msa=0&msid=104468899777464833948.0004583c2b10339f61dd5&ll=-33.896352,151.222515&spn=0.024935,0.04077&z=14&output=embed” 475 350]

5 Laps around Centennial Park today (3.8×5=19km) plus to and fro (another 5.5km) makes the ride today almost 25km. I’m kinda enjoying it, but my behind is really wearing the brunt of my (current) 96kg. And that is the main reason I decide that whatever particular lap is now the last lap.

I do have two lucky features for the ride around the park: 1) lots of things to look at, and 2) the gradient of the park has me not so buggered when I reach the gate to come home and I often fell “Yeah, I can do one more”… A few hundred metres into it and I’m thinking about turning around. But then it gets easy again… and hard… and easy… LOL

And when I get back to the start… “yeah, one more!” :-)

What a beautiful day it is out there… Maybe I should now go for a walk… Circular Quay anyone?

Back on the bike

I bought the bike last week and straight away I got on it and done 30km. That was Saturday. On Monday I went and did a couple of laps around Centennial Park (well, 4 laps to be precise) and then came home. I wanted to do more laps, and felt physically capable, but my bum was so sore from all the riding that I simple had to call it quits. That ride, on the Monday, was pretty much 4 laps around the park, and directly between home, there, and back again (which is the east-west line in the map to the right.

Todays ride I did much the same again except this time, after the third lap, I left the park from the Paddington gate and rode back to the bike shop. The ride down Oxford Street was great, since it was pretty much all downhill. Very enjoyable indeed. The reason I was going back to the bike shop was due to the speedometer I bought (the “Incite 8i”). I was really unhappy with it due to it being wireless and it receiving phantom signals from random sources. Over the last couple of days I have had “MAX” speeds approaching 200kmph! On the two rides I had been on (30km and 22km), the speedo had registered 82km, instead of just 52km. And then on todays ride it added on an extra km (only one). So for a total of 73km that I had ridden, the speedo registered that I had done over 100km. This amount of error was unacceptable. It is (apparently) a problem generally with the new generation wireless speedos. I do hear you can pay extra dollars and get a “digital wireless”, but figured that a wired variety is going to give me less grief. So, I went into the shop (Clarence Street cyclery) really not knowing what to expect, and they were happy to upgrade/downgrade the speedo at no cost. Which is good for me since I didn’t have any of the boxes or manuals for it.

Half hour later, I was back on my bike with the “Incite 9i” and I was happy. The wiring is a little ugly (it definitely looked better without it), but I don’t want extra kms added onto my ride just because of some simple interference.

So my recommendation is to NOT grab yourself any of the TREK brand “Incite” speedos that are unwired/wireless. I strongly recommend getting one of the wired models, or maybe forking out the extra and grabbing a digital wirless model, if you so desire. More generally, however, the Incite 9i is vastly superior to the 8i in other ways IMHO. Such as it has an included temperature guage, the up and down mode buttons work in an up and down fashion (pressing one side sends the mode to the left, the other side goes to the right – where-as the 8i just moved sequentially through the modes), and the mode button is more responsive.

All Systems are GO!

I stumbled and fell, and now I have picked myself back up again. My weightloss was going well, and when I peaked at around 12kg I simply stopped. Initially it was the walking that stopped, then it was the diet that went out the window.

But now I am back on the band wagon. Starting off simple, no carbs in the evening, bringing back my protein shakes, and riding my new bike!!!

In this map, the blue line is the walk to the Clarence St Cyclery to pickup my the bike in the previous post. The green line is the ride I went on. Without zooming in, you can’t tell that the ride around centennial park consisted of 2½ laps! The whole ride was spot on 30km.

Obviously with this posting, it can be inferred that I am still alive. That IS the case, I AM! But I am soooo STUFFED!!

I had planned to catch a bus/train to the shop, but got all excited about getting fit again and so I decided to walk! That was 3km, and in doing the walk, I remembered why I stopped walking. I have my spurs on my heels and as I was nearing the shop they were already hurting again :(

I picked up the bike and headed off on my journey. I had forgotten how dangerous it is to ride in Sydney. Cars (and busses) just don’t seem to care and will pull over in front of you, open their car doors, travel so close to you that if you sneezed you would dirty them. But, unperturbed, I continued.

There is but one thing to say: I am SOOOOOOO unfit. So, it’s a work in progress. Back on the bike, and let’s get fit!

Trek 4300 Disc

In my efforts to lower blood pressure and get fit, I’m deciding to increase my heart rate with one of these little beauties. It’s next years model and the colour scheme (black with dark gray) is simply spot on. I paid shelf price on the bike and probably a little more than I actually wanted to pay and I probably could have done better on ebay, or gone for a lesser model. But it’s next years model, has a 5 year warranty on parts and lifetime on the frame… You can’t put a price on good health… right?

That said this is the baby I pick up today at 1 o’clock. It’s Sydney, the day is abso-bloody-lutely gorgeous, I live in the city, the sun is shining and it’s approaching 30 degrees. Almost time to go pick it up and probably scour the beaches. I’ll know more this afternoon once I actually get on the thing

2009 trek 4300 disc

(click on the image for a larger picture)

Shameless plug for Clarence Street Cyclery

Forgive me website…

Forgive me Website, for I have sinned

It has been 106 days since my last blog-session…

I’m still alive and, well, not doing so well on the weightloss front. Let’s come back to that later…

A lot has happened since my last entry:

  • I had my 39th birthday
  • I went to Singapore, and
  • today I went in the Sydney City to Surf – a timed 14km fun run

A couple of years ago I helped a friend video his sister’s wedding. As a result the bride and groom had given me a red balloons (this link) gift voucher. It was for a tidy sum and I needed to find a way to spend it. I chose the helicopter trial instruction flight (TIF). The voucher itself wasn’t enough to pay for the flight, but it covered almost half of it, so I put in the other half as a birthday present to myself and the day before my birthday I took off in a Robinson R22.

The flight was probably a little more than half hour, and it was certainly an experience worth having. I have long had an interest in flying, having even completed a few hours fixed wing as a kid, and wanted to see how a helicopter felt. It was good, but I don’t see the value in continuing on any further, mainly for the same reason I didn’t progressed with my fixed wing license… It’s too expensive.

Then, a few days later, I went off to Singapore for a week, with a couple of night in Kuala Lumpur. This was my first trip overseas (I don’t count Tasmania), and I was not sure what to get from the experience. We met some fantastic people and I could not get over the amount of Aussies we met over there! The friend I went with is a bit of an electronics buff, and we spent many hours in Sim Lim Tower and Square, but we also did some sight seeing, and some casual lazing about too. We even almost got arrested in one of Singapore’s Casinos (hint: Singapore doesn’t have any casinos – but that’s another story).

All-in-all, it was a fantastic experience, one which I will be doing again next year, albeit for much longer and seeing many more places!

And then today I went into the Sydney’s timed fun run, the City2Surf. It’s a 14 km journey that tests not only your fitness, but your resolve for running up very steep hills for long periods! I walked!

I think most city runs have a “heartbreak hill”, but Sydney certainly puts the “break” into it. Because just when you think you’ve mastered the hill, and every corner you go around, you think it’s going to be the last one… and it’s not! Heartbreak hill climbs for around 2.5 – 3km, and it hurts. Hence, I walked. Actually, it wasn’t heartbreak that made me walk, although it would have anyway. By the time I got to heartbreak I had already “broken”.

This is NOT me… this is Martin Dent

Going up the incline to Edgecliff shopping centre, I suffered an awful tightness in my shins (shin-splints). For anyone that’s experienced them, they are debilitating and it’s like someone is holding a blow torch to your shins, only this hurts! I eventually shook/walked them out and continued on.

Then my second problem hit me about the 8km mark, my shoes. I have three very expensive pairs of shoes, and I have only ever run in one of them, but I thought I would try a different pair today. That was a mistake. The pair has a slightly bigger instep (or whatever that little rise is called on the inner part of the soul of the foot, between the ball and the heel). But it was only ever so slight, and as a result that part of my foot was rubbing profusely… constantly… insessently… painfully…

In the end, the run turned into an extended walk – not a power walk, my legs are too short. But a walk/ho chi minh shuffle. My tubby little body crossed the finish line 2 hours and 15 minutes (135 mins) after I started. That’s over 6km an hour. For someone who’s 5′ 6½-7″ and 100kg, I think that’s pretty good! Especially considering that I haven’t done any exercise since March!

Which brings me around to my weightloss. I have had a set-back. I am not yet prepared to call it a failure, but things haven’t gone as planned. I did a massive effort and lost almost 13kg at one point, but sadly, I have put a chunk of it back on. Not all of it, but I am back to 100kg neat. I will not be rising above that mark and I will be starting all over again. A new regime this time, new methods, more madness. Let’s just hope this time I can stick to it.

BTW, the image above is not me, it’s the guy who beat me by a mere 94 minutes, Martin DENT. The first Australian to take out the race since 1997. Well done Martin.


I had another game of squash today, I have found it hard to get back into the fitness groove lately, but squash is easy. I love the game, it kills me, but I love it. We played for almost 2 hours today! Only about 10 games. I prefer playing handouts, the new international rules make games go too quick.

I played a friend who I rarely beat… We played a few weeks ago and played 16 sets and I only got 4 off him. And it was only at the end of each 4 games when he was tired that I got one from him.

But today started off with a bang. I got 2 sets from the outset! I wanted to go home then, but he wouldn’t let me :-P. Towards the end of the second set he was getting a bit gnarly and decided to clonk me in the head with his racket. I tell you what, a squash racket in the head puts you on your arse pretty quickly. I dropped real quick. I recovered well, and took the final 2 points I needed to get the set, but then couldn’t find the groove again.

I was feeling a bit off, but at the end of the day he is a much better player than me. The thing is, he makes me work hard… Work REAL hard for those hours.

We’re pretty closely matched. Today we played many sets where we were stuck on 2 points for handout after handout. And we had about 4 games where we went over the 9 points to finish the game. 1 game went to him at 13-11.

It’s a good game.


[iframe http://maps.google.com.au/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&s=AARTsJqFGYFL7Xg8VSwGeVZa4XCu6MjAAA&msa=0&msid=104468899777464833948.00044b749fd3cec2eee2d&ll=-33.887731,151.204834&spn=0.012469,0.01502&z=15&output=embed 350 350]

I have not done any exercise or walking for a long time, over 2 weeks (there was one night I did a small amount of gym work, but I wasn’t feeling well, so I bugged out early…)

Mum was in town, so I took an early mark from work and we went out to dinner in Surrey Hills. And on the way back I thought I would take her for a short jaunt around Central. All up, not quite 6km.