Adding to the Favourites Sidebar

drag and drop folder to osx favourite sidebarWhen that happens, there are two other options:

  • File > Add to Sidebar
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Sometimes the File menu option is not available, but the keyboard shortcut CTRL + CMD + T is usually right to go.

You could try dragging a subfolder into place and then ESCAPEing out of it. This will usually open up the past the re-add the folder you couldn’t add a moment ago.


How to setup BASH custom prompt in Ubuntu

I wanted two things:

  • the time in my prompt
  • a colour prompt


  • it’s located in: ~/.bashrc
  • uses Environment Variable: PS1
  • time is inserted using: \t


I started here:


PixelBeat discussion on coloured command prompts

how to guid for customing the command prompt