We were going to the movies at the Emporium Shopping Center, off the Phrom Phong BTS station on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok one day and stopped off for a little “indulgence” after the show.





Hmmm… very delicious indeedy!

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Getting stuck in the lift

Elevator ButtonsOur apartment building has two elevators. Easily enough, we’ll call them Left and Right. The left one is always “in maintenance” mode and stuck somewhere. But having said that, if its working we have caught it half as much as the other lift. Simple enough.

That is until the other night!

The lift had been out of service for days and it was surprising the other day that upon pressing the button, the left doors open. I looked briefly to my wife, but figured, “Oh well, it’s fixed. That’s good.”

Needless to say, it wasn’t.

We got to about the third floor and there was the sound of a metal scraping on the side of the lift. scrape, scrape, scrape, jolt, STOP! The lift just stops. And then falls (maybe 5-10cm, maybe not even that much). I couldn’t help it. I start laughing. Another guy in the life reaches across and presses the alarm. Then the phone. No answer. Alarm.

Alarm, longer press.

Eventually we hear someone on top of the lift, there must be controls there, right? Because the lift starts jolting up and down. Didn’t make the misses very happy.

After about 15 minutes in all the doors start to open. Yep, we’re between floors, could have expected that. The other guy in the lift (obviously having been in this position before), starts pulling on a rope that’s suppose to unlock the outer doors. But the rope breaks. A few moments later the building’s security guard appears as the outer doors open. Moments later we were free.

I do not want to get in that lift again. We do however get in it because often there is no choice. Fingers crossed.

PPPPPPP – The 7 P’s

Prior Preparation and Planning Prevent Piss Poor Performance

I first travelled to Singapore in 2008 with a good friend of mine. While we were there we darted off to KL for a few days and took in some of the local sights, as well as attractions (there is a hidden pun there – sorry, private jokes are so bad, but if anyone knows Sissy, you’d know what I mean!) Anyway, we elected to go by VIP bus. We had heard about how good it was, and cheap, and so we did it. Without a lot of research, we jumped on one of the services (the name has seriously escaped the pair of us) and we were dropped off in some dingy bus terminal/car park with hordes of teksis (how Malaysian’s spell taxi) who were unwilling to run their meters for us.

So we elected to walk.

It was hot, uphill, long and we were dragging our luggage along for the ride. Did I mention it was hot?

We stayed at a hotel, Corus, pretty much across the road from the Petronas Towers. Not bad at the time, cheap, free wifi in their lobby (BTW they don’t have this any more), and not too bad. Especially for the price. The bad point was though, that another bus company ran VIP busses TO THE DOOR!!!

It’s now 2011.

I had forgotten a lot of the lessons learned in 2008 – especially the difficulty in organising and coordinating international travel between countries, that aren’t your home country, and that (despite official languages) don’t speak great EngRish). When I decided to visit KL with my wife I did look briefly at the Corus hotel, but quickly dismissed it for some reason (it wasn’t the wifi!), and went with the Novatel. Now this is no dig on the Novatel, they are a good Hotel and I would recommend them again, Well, we’re still here and haven’t had any problems so far. BUT, and here’s where the 7 P’s come into it… When it came to organising the bus (long after I had BOOKED the accommodation), I booked with the bus company that dropped us off at the Corus Hotel. But the Novatel is closer to the car park/bus station that Andrew and I had taken in 2008!

Is that irony?

No, it’s just those 7 bloody damn P’s

Dengue Fever


I’ve had Dengue Fever for the last month, I’m only just getting over it. I hope I get over it soon, I’ll be in Singapore next week!

It’s been a debilitating disease, it put me in hospital for 5 days and that was no fun – not without insurance! I have been crook with this for more than a month…

It is purely mosquito driven, and non contagious, and there are four main strains of the disease. I caught one of them (I don’t know which one), but now I am immune from catching it again, the other three strains I am immune for a (unspecified) “period”… The problem is AFTER that period, I am MORE at risk if I ever do catch one of them…

I was VERY lucky, I never caught it (or got the worst strain) as detailed in the above link… But it still hurt though!