monospace, pre, any my mind!

I’m liking the new Twenty Sixteen theme, but for some reason, the new font for the pre element of Twenty Sixteen just doesn’t line up right. It’s generally hardly noticeable at all, unless you’re me and these things really annoy you. I’ve been working on this for hours and still haven’t resolved it yet. I’ll come back to it, but I would really like to solve this one.

ZFS on Ubuntu 14.04

I found 4x old 750GB hard drives from 2008 which came up as ZFS when I installed them into a new ubuntu system on an old box. I installed ZFSonLinux (specifically ubuntu 14.04), samba (smb) and SSH (OpenSSH) and set to the task of re-creating the volume. Essentially, it was very painless… except for a couple of hours in there one of the power cables had come off one of the raid drives and it took a fair bit of diagnoses to get it sorted. In the end. I resilvered 1.3TB of data and set to the task of working out whether I should delete it or back it up to my new RAID… This is how I did it.