Day 22

View Bondi Beach Bash in a larger map Today was going to be a walk to, around and back from Centennial Park. Then probably something like a walk into the city, catch a ferry to manly and have lunch. Half way around Centennial park, I decided that Bondi was a better choice for today. So […]

100 kg’s

Wow! Friday (gone) marks the (almost) breaking of a milestone. I hit the scales for 100kg NEAT! Which means that in the next couple of days I’m going to OFFICIALLY be UNDER 100kg’s!!! For me, that is VERY exciting! It’s been MANY months since I was in double figures, probably closer to a year, but […]

Day 16

Mum rang me on the weekend. She lives in a country town about 6-7 hours from Sydney (it all depends how you drive). She is coming to visit. Needs to get to the big smoke for some sanity. So we are going to catch a movie and go for a walk (she recently found out […]

Day 13

I did the Centenial Park walk again today. Although I did overdo it a bit this time. I tried jogging way too far and although I impressed myself initially, I soon tired to a state that left me extremely exhausted. But I wasn’t just knackered (so-to-speak) I felt like I was dying. While I have […]

Day 12

[iframe,151.223202&spn=0.021373,0.042915&z=14&output=embed 420 300] Ahhh Day 12… This is my first Centennial Park walk. The day itself was hugely uneventful, and hot. So I held off going for a walk for a long time. It was late afternoon before I finally got out there. It was about 6.30pm by the time I finally got out […]

Day 11

[iframe,151.208804&spn=0.005344,0.008583&z=16&output=embed 400 300] Another work day. I went out for lunch today, and I went for a walk to my local shopping centre. It’s around a 10-15 minute walk and I thought I’d drop in and get some salad stuff for lunch. Well, it turned into a huge shopping experience… This always happens to […]