We say Good-bye to Hua Hin


We’ve been in Hua Hin, Thailand for the last few days, and tomorrow we head on back to Phuket – well, we’ll probably spend a night at Ranong on the way back. Suffice to say, this has been a very nice place to come and visit. Maybe even stay longer than a visit. It’s hard to say, because Kanchanaburi was also very nice.

Mybe it’s time to move on from Phuket. It’s a great holiday destination, but is it somewhere I want to live?

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  1. Good to see you are thinking beyond Phuket . As you say it is a great holiday destination but do you want to live there. Unless you get the bar or hotel maybe there are other business opportunities elsewhere. I am sorry i never got to see other areas of Thailand i am sure it is beautiful. I remember our walk up the mountain and i think the real Thailand would have been similar or better. The Bridge on the River Kwai would have been great did u see the plaque put there by the Australian and Thai governments. Hope you got pics.

    • We have heaps of photos. Will start putting them up in the next couple of days.

      Kanchanaburi was fantastic! The bridge was ok, but Hellfire Pass was… [I’m speechless!]. No one word can describe it.

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